We help OTs in role-emerging areas of practice
to monetize their knowledge in a way that's
both sustainable AND enjoyable!

For the last 10 years, we've helped over a thousand therapists,
coaches, consultants and course creators to transform what
they know into a revenue stream they love.


We help OTs to monetize their knowledge in a way that's both sustainable
and enjoyable!

For the last 10 years, we've helped over a thousand therapists,
coaches, consultants and course creators to transform what they know into a business they love.


What We Do

We're passionate about helping therapists to use their hard-earned education and unique skillset to have a bigger impact on the world.

When it comes to the work we do with therapists, our goal is simple:
To help them stay focused on ONE signature program, scaling it to six figures and beyond while keeping things simple, sustainable and profitable.

We've helped our clients to build online courses, run mentorship programs, host membership communities and grow thriving coaching businesses... Regardless of their digital product or program of choice, we help them to see their business as a machine and to build it in a way where things are running smoothly and efficiently.

We focus on relationship marketing and we'll help you to promote + sell your offer in a way that lights you up! Meaning we stay far away from unethical marketing practices and sleazy sales techniques.

We also understand that you want to have the best of both worlds, where you can have more control over your financial destiny while also having a life! That's why we place such a strong emphasis on helping you to grow and evolve from the inside-out, so you can step into the role of CEO with confidence!


Here are three ways we can support
you in taking immediate action:

Ways We Can
Support You

Learn the exact steps you need to
take to launch, grow + scale
a coaching practice, a consulting business, an online course
or a group membership program.


Would you like more freedom and flexibility in how you serve your clients? If you're looking for creative ways to deliver your services where you're no longer trading your time for an hourly rate, this training will provide you with just that.



When transitioning from clinician to coach, it's important to understand how to design an effective coaching program that sells -- and how to build out a way to generate clients. This training will cover all that, and more! 



In this training, we empower you with the resources + knowledge needed to completely transform your relationship to selling. You'll learn how to interact with potential clients in a way that lights you up, leading to more paying customers.


What Our People Are Saying

Ready to get the most out
of our time together?

Pick a resource package below to get actionable advice that's
perfectly paired with your current stage of business growth.

Ready to get the most out
of our time together?

Pick a resource package below to get actionable advice that's
perfectly paired with your current stage of business growth.


You've been dreaming about doing your own thing, you've been researching next steps and it's finally time to take ACTION. Join us to learn about the basics when it comes to monetizing your knowledge in the online space and let us help you to set up a strong foundation for your business venture.



You're generating revenue but it's hit + miss, your audience is still small and you're not in love with your offer. You're getting more followers but are they really your ideal client? If this sounds like you, we would love to help you get more clarity on your offer and how you're serving your people! 



You have a developed offer, you're consistently growing your audience and you're ready to create more structure in how you're launching + selling. If you're not clear on next steps and if you want to do this in a way that's sustainable for your current team, we would love to support you!



You're generating more revenue, you have a small team and you're putting in long hours. But how long do you want to keep going like this? If you have a desire for more order + better systems and if you'd like to take more time away from your business, check out the ways we can help! 


About Our Founder

Hey there! I'm Melissa LaPointe and I work with the trailblazers, the dreamers and the visionaries who want to live their best lives while doing work they love.

After working with trailblazers and visionaries in healthcare for over a decade, I've seen it all! I'm intimately aware of what's working for therapists as they venture out on their own as consultants, coaches and business owners -- and I understand the common roadblocks and obstacles. Let's be honest... Sales tactics, email marketing, program design, leveraged offers, pricing -- these are business fundamentals that we certainly weren't taught in university.

And I can help! With over 15 years' experience as a therapist, coach and consultant under my belt, my services are designed to empower more therapists to lean into their entrepreneurial journey, confidently sell their programs and make a bigger impact with their work!


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