Are you an OT that wants to have more CONFIDENCE
in the area of prenatal/postnatal health?

There are SO many ways that Occupational Therapists are now breaking into this area of practice.
This includes, but is most certainly not limited to:
  • Planning and running mom-baby groups
  • Offering sleep consulting + parent coaching support
  • Hosting community workshops on core strengthening and pelvic health
  • Facilitating group programs focused on training for delivery and childbirth preparation
  • Hosting women's circles  related to postpartum depression + anxiety
  • Supporting moms through C-Section recovery and postpartum healing
  • Collaborating with your local birth professionals to offer holistic mind-body services to women in your community
  • Helping women navigate the journey of fertility and preconception 
  • Consulting services to support bottle and breast-feeding
  • Support programs for parents + NICU

How do I know this?

Because not only have I worked first-hand in this area as an occupational therapist with my own cash-based practice, I've coached and mentored over 200 therapists over the last four years to ALSO step up and do more to support the women in their community.

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I was born and raised on the East Coast of Canada, completing my OT training at Dalhousie University. After graduation, I relocated to beautiful British Columbia to practiced as an early intervention therapist. After seven years (and a baby), I took the leap into private practice, with a focus on prenatal/postnatal health and family wellness.

I've always had a passion for teaching and mentoring other therapists. I'm also no stranger to facilitating professional growth opportunities. In 2016, after almost a year of planning, I released my first online course for health professionals, "Integrative Health, Occupational Therapy and the Prenatal Client". Full disclosure, I had no idea what I was doing when it came to technology and I was petrified of the camera! But I was also determined to figure it out... One awkward step at a time.

Fast forward to today and we've had over 200 health professionals (primarily occupational therapists) from around the globe go through four different variations of this program.

I've also learned to leverage my experience in coaching, professional mentoring and program development to help teach other OTs how to grow sustainable online revenue streams as a means of reaching more people with their work, which is now my main gig! 

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The original program included six modules of content, covering everything you need to know to provide a holistic, client-centered experience for your OT clients as they go through pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal recovery.

And when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING!



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MODULE ONE | The Building Blocks of Prenatal Care
  • VIDEO LESSON An Overview of the Changing Physiology Each Trimester
  • VIDEO LESSON Common Complaints & Concerns in Pregnancy
  • VIDEO LESSON The Continuum of Client-Centered Care
  • VIDEO LESSON What Are Your Client's Options for Care?
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MODULE TWO | Prenatal Wellness + Training for Delivery
  • VIDEO LESSON Wellness vs Illness Models of Care
  • VIDEO LESSON A Review of Pelvic Health in Pregnancy
  • VIDEO LESSON Postural Changes + Alignment in Pregnancy
  • VIDEO LESSON Positions in Standing + Sitting
  • VIDEO LESSON Movement-Based Programs in Pregnancy
  • VIDEO LESSON Connect, Release + Relate
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MODULE THREE | Late Stage Pregnancy + Childbirth
  • VIDEO LESSON Late-Stage Pregnancy, Pelvic Health & Childbirth Education
  • VIDEO LESSON Endurance, Positioning + Timelines
  • VIDEO LESSON Induction of Labour
  • VIDEO LESSON The Physiology of Childbirth
  • VIDEO LESSON Supporting the Birth Partner
  • VIDEO LESSON [36:13] Being Prepared to Talk about Birth Plans


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MODULE FOUR | Supporting Your Clients Through Fourth Trimester
  • VIDEO LESSON An Overview of Postpartum Recovery
  • VIDEO LESSON Strengthening from the Inside-Out
  • VIDEO LESSON The Neurobiology of Fourth Trimester
  • VIDEO LESSON Parenting the Brain
  • VIDEO LESSON The Science of Sleep
  • VIDEO LESSON Baby Calming, Baby Equipment and Motor Development
  • VIDEO LESSON Let's Talk About Baby Wearing
  • VIDEO LESSON Self Regulation and Co-Regulation
  • VIDEO LESSON An Overview of Early Feeding
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MODULE FIVE | Breaking the Silence on Mental Health + Trauma
  • VIDEO LESSON Emotional Health and Early Life Relationships
  • VIDEO LESSON An Introduction to Perinatal Mental Health
  • VIDEO LESSON The Impact of Pelvic Health on Wellbeing
  • VIDEO LESSON An Overview of Trauma
  • VIDEO LESSON Boundaries and Burnout
  • VIDEO LESSON Post-Traumatic Growth and Healing Conversations
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MODULE SIX | The Business Side of Things
  • MASTERCLASS Pricing Yourself with Confidence
  • MASTERCLASS Planning Your Year

MINI SERIES | Getting Started in Women's Health

  • LESSON 1: Choosing a Business Model
  • LESSON 2: Mindset & Habits
  • LESSON 3: Who’s Your Target Audience
  • LESSON 4: Knowing Your What & How
  • LESSON 5: Where Will You Practice?
  • LESSON 6: Getting Clear on Your Why
  • LESSON 7: Heart-Led Finances
  • LESSON 8: Building a Strong Foundation
  • LESSON 9: Growing + Scaling
  • LESSON 10: Self-Care & Balance

The investment for this self-paced program is $397 USD.

This includes unlimited access to the content, handouts and business resources.

But wait, there's more!

In addition to the original six modules of video content,
we're adding in the following special bonuses:

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