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Feminine Wisdom Through an Occupational Lens

For the first of my guest episodes, I'm thrilled to introduce you to Janelle Gullan, an OT based out of Melbourne, Australia who runs her own practice specializing in helping women connect with their bodies and natural rhythms. 

Together, we’re diving into topics related to integrative pelvic health, mothering, menstrual cycles and doing things differently in women’s health. If you’re craving a fresh perspective on how OTs are showing up in the world, tune into this episode and let’s connect! 

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In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How Janelle’s personal journey of matrescence led her away from the medical model and into a holistic practice focused on women’s health. 
  • Her words of wisdom for setting energetic boundaries while helping others move through difficult life experiences.
  • Thoughts on balancing the role of trailblazer with regulatory body restrictions and practice limitations. 
  • What she has learned about marketing OT, especially when offering a service that people avoid talking openly about. 
  • How to experience increased life satisfaction by aligning your work rhythms to that of your body’s natural cycles.


Janelle’s Facebook PageWebsite Instagram

Janelle’s free Facebook group, OTs Gone Menstrual

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