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Leaning into Personal Growth + Leadership as an OT Entrepreneur

If you can't tell by the enthusiasm of my voice during the intro, I'm so excited to welcome Laura Park Figueroa to the show, where we share the details of our business coaching relationship in 2020. More specifically, Laura gives us an honest look into how she's leaned into the challenges of growing not one but two businesses during a pandemic, while also studying for her phD doctorate AND taking on the role of homeschooling mama. And did I mention she pulled this off while also hitting her revenue goals?

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In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What it means to love what you do and lean into mastery
  • How a passion for nature therapy turned into a successful digital product
  • A breakdown of the Laura's revenue goals for 2020 (yes, she openly shares her numbers!)
  • The myriad of ways that Laura is supporting OTs to grow as entrepreneurs
  • Why business coaches can benefit from business coaches
  • The mindset work that goes into launching products and programs


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