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A Mind-Body Approach to Pelvic Health and Entrepreneurship


Today’s episode is yet another reminder of why I love what I do! This podcast is giving me the opportunity to connect with so many kindred spirits in the OT profession -- and Sujata Martin is now high on that list. 

Based out of Buffalo, New York, she’s a birth doula, a sexuality coach, a pelvic floor therapist, an entrepreneur and more recently, an author. Did I mention she also does professional mentoring, community advocacy work AND has a little one at home? How does she balance it all? Join us for this fantastic interview as Sujata opens up about doing work that makes her happy AND makes her money, while setting healthy boundaries with her time. 

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In this episode you’ll hear about:

  • How an OT is showing up in the coaching world with a focus on sexuality

  • A mind-body approach to pelvic floor therapy that combines Eastern and Western medicine

  • What it means to help women prepare for the birthing year 

  • An occupational perspective on “pre-hab” vs rehab when it comes to core strengthening 

  • The benefits of having more than one location for your therapy practice

  • How a community workshop booklet evolved into a best-selling e-book on Amazon



Sujata’s WebsiteYouTube ChannelFacebook Page and Instagram

Her mentioned book on Amazon: Not Just Kegels: The Exhausted Mama's Guide to Pregnancy & Postnatal Wellness

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