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Teaching Fitness Pros About the Role of OT in Pelvic Health


Today’s episode is a little bit different in that it's a replay recording from my friend Claire's show, "The Pelvicpreneur Podcast".  This is a movement, marketing and mindset podcast for FitPros, Physios, Personal Trainers and Pilates instructors who work with clients with pelvic floor dysfunction. And I had the opportunity to join Claire to highlight the role of OT and ow we fit in into the bigger picture when it comes to client-centered care and pelvic floor dysfunction.

This episode was a lot of fun to record, which is why Claire and I agreed -- more OTs need to hear this conversation! We're republishing it on my podcast, to help get this information out to as many of you as possible. I'll admit, it was also fun to be the interviewee as opposed to always being the interviewer!

If you enjoy this episode, you know I'd love to hear about it! Tag our podcast account (@otsgonerogue).  Let me know what you learned today!


In this episode you’ll hear about:

  • How I describe my services to someone from outside the OT profession

  • How I started out treating anyone and everyone in private practice (birth to 74, to be exact)

  • My journey in niching down in women's health (yes, it took me awhile!) 

  • The roundabout way that I stumbled through my early years of entrepreneurship (and came very close to bankruptcy)

  • My passion for restorative exercise + natural movement (which is how I connected with Claire!)

  • My decision to take the plunge, close down my clinic and go all in on serving OTs

  • The ups and downs of my very first online course for therapists (a classic example of taking imperfect action)

  • My best attempts at explaining the role of OT in pelvic health to a fitness professional (haha, I did my best!!)

  • Why I'm so passionate about helping OTs to rewire their brains in order to grow from the inside out as an entrepreneur! 

  • The commonalities between OTs + fitness professionals when it comes to business and marketing

  • How CoVid affected my business, both the good and the bad

PS. Please note, when talking about my emergency C-section, I was discharged 36 hours post-op (NOT 18 hours post-op!). That was a slip-up. Whoops! 


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