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Professional Networking and resume Writing Made Simple


Today’s episode is jam-packed in value if you’re an OT that wants to really put yourself out there in terms of professional networking, career development, and marketing. I’m joined by Tanya Peterson, an OT that’s recently switched gears and is now a career coach, resume writer, and LinkedIn strategist for healthcare professionals. I’ve listened and re-listened to this episode twice now and it’s GOLD in terms of concrete tips and tools that Tanya so generously shares with us. 


In this episode you’ll hear about:

  • How Tanya got started as an OT entrepreneur -- and the different ways she had to pivot during the pandemic

  • An example of finding balance between shiny object syndrome and being open to opportunity

  • The different ways that OTs can and should be using LinkedIn  

  • The ins and outs of marketing on LinkedIn and how to measure your return of investment

  • Common mistakes that therapists are making when it comes to their resumes

  • Why it makes sense to go to the experts rather than figuring this all out for yourself



If you enjoyed hearing about Tanya’s wealth of knowledge, check out her website at www.polish2prosper.com, connect with her on LinkedIn or on Facebook. 

Or check out her coaching program: 


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