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When the Trailblazer Becomes the Teacher


Have I mentioned that I love to interview trailblazers and visionaries in the OT profession? I also love when these trailblazing OTs really lean into curriculum design and program development, helping to pave the way for more therapists to do this work. Which is why I am thrilled to be featuring Laura Rowan in today’s episode, an OT that is quickly developing a name for herself in the world of pelvic health AND professional development. 

In this episode you’ll hear about:

  • What helped Laura jump from the world of SNF and geriatrics to pelvic health therapist and purpose-driven entrepreneur

  • How Laura inadvertently signed up for her first pelvic floor course, not quite knowing what she was getting herself into

  • Why pelvic health helped her to rediscover her passion for OT

  • The first time Laura discovered she could use her hands therapeutically to listen and communicate with the brain

  • What Laura learned from working in the insurance world as a pelvic health therapist 

  • How CoVid was an instigating factor in Laura creating her first professional development course

  • The different ways Laura currently works with her clients through her practice

  • A breakdown of Laura’s CEU-approved weekend course, PR-MATT (Pelvic Rehab Manual Assessment & Treatment Techniques)



You can connect with Laura on Instagram and Facebook, or through her website Essential Pelvic Health.

Here's the link to check out her PR-MATT course:

And since recording this episode, Laura has launched a supportive network for ongoing pelvic health mentorship! If you're interested in knowing more, CLICK HERE

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