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Supporting Young Families to Have Peace of Mind in Their Environment


Today's episode is all about happy, rested families and healthy homes! I'm joined by my special guest, Heather Boyd, an OT based out of Ontario, Canada with a private practice that incorporates her two passions -- a holistic, attachment-based approach to infant sleep and environmental health, where she supports families around indoor air quality and indoor health concerns. It turns out that Heather is the only OT we know of that's working in environmental health so this episode is also serving as a match-making opportunity, where we want your help in connecting her with other OTs who might be working in this area! 

In this episode you’ll hear about:

  • Heather's journey as a pediatric OT, a private practitioner, and a sleep-deprived mama

  • The different services Heather offers to families based on her experience and training in infant development and holistic, attachment-based alternatives to sleep training

  • The challenges of being a bed-sharing, co-sleeping family while also being a rule-following healthcare professional

  • Why I wish I had a Heather in my life 9 years ago!

  • Her lived experience with mould in their family home and how this led her down a path less traveled as an OT now niching down in environmental health


You can connect with Heather on Instagram and Facebook, or through one of her websites: www.heatherboyd.ca for sleep consulting/infant development programs
www.ahealthyhome.ca for environmental health consulting

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