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Helping OTs to Embrace Their Sex-Savviness


Today's episode is packed with all kinds of greatness! And yes, this is an episode where you *may* want to wear headphones if you have little ones in the background... 

Join me as we navigate the wonderful world of sex and intimacy with the fabulous Dr. Kathryn Ellis, a consultant and OT entrepreneur who champions enhancing OTs’ readiness to address sexuality in clinical practice through professional growth and program development. 

My talk with Kathryn was truly insightful!

In this episode, we talk about:

  • How she came about doing work in program design, curriculum development, training, and research as it relates to sexuality in clinical practice 

  • The importance for OTs to be comfortable in talking about sex and how to help them navigate and address sexuality with their clients

  • How Kathryn started her own continuing education company for therapists

  • Where to draw the line for health professionals in terms of being sexual beings

  • How OTs can manage vulnerability and awkwardness when growing in this area of practice

  • The Sex-Savvy OT program and other courses that Kathryn currently offers

  • The importance of including sex and sexuality in the OT curriculum

  • Dealing with push back and challenges on social media when your marketing includes sex and sexuality

  • More about Kathryn's experience and ongoing journey in entrepreneurship, both with her educational company and her private practice

  • And last but not least... We talk about sexy-time occupations!



You can connect with Kathryn on Instagram or join her free Facebook group, Sexuality and Occupational Therapy Discussion Group.

Her website for her continuing education company: Institute for Sex, Intimacy & Occupational Therapy

Her website with a focus on her sexuality counseling: Dr. Kathryn Ellis Sexuality Counseling.

You can also watch videos of her interviews on her YouTube channel where you can learn more about sexuality, sex, and intimacy. 

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