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Channeling Your Intuition as a Business-Building Tool


Today’s episode is a high-energy interview with Landy Peek, an entrepreneur, a pelvic occupational therapist, a trauma worker, and a Certified Birth Healing Specialist. Landy helps women connect with their feminine energy and feel confident in using their intuition during birth and healing. She also supports therapists in terms of "healing the healer", releasing limiting beliefs, and leaning into feminine intuition to bring ease and joy to your practice. There is so much wisdom being shared in this episode! 

You're going to hear us talk about: 

  • How Landy started her journey as a pediatric practitioner and used it as a safety net before letting go of the vine and going all-in on her pelvic health practice

  • The unique challenges and struggles of balancing motherhood with entrepreneurship

  • Landy’s ideal client avatar and the types of services she provides in both her pelvic health and coaching practice

  • How she manages her work-life balance and avoids burnout 

  • The importance of letting go of limiting beliefs and stories that no longer serve us

  • The power of women supporting women, especially when it comes to business

  • Being intentional in how you're growing your business, which includes choosing your own hours and how you want to show up

  • Building a thicker skin in terms of fear of judgment from others

And more!


You can connect with Landy on Facebook or Instagram.

Visit her website: Best Birth Healing

You can also download her workbook: 5 Step Workbook to Create Your Dream Therapy Practice

And if you'd like to sign up for Melissa's upcoming training series on COACHING, go to www.melissalapointe.com/coaching

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