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Today’s special guest is Devon Breithart, a woman of many skills and talents… She first discovered her passion for working in the public school system, which eventually led her to create The Dynamic School OT – an online course and mentorship program for school-based therapists who want to become more effective, confident, and happy in their practice.

This is also such an inspiring episode as you'll hear us talk about thinking outside the box, trying different things and being open to possibilities.

In this episode you’ll hear about:

  • Devon's experience as a travel therapist in the U.S., including the perks and challenges of this type of work
  • How Devon got her foot in the door as a social media manager for other OTs
  • The different approaches OTs are taking to social media
  • Learning how to outsource tasks and onboard new team members
  • Devon's transition from 1:1 work to leveraged offers
  • The creation of her signature program, The Dynamic School OT
  • What Devon loves about working in the online space

And more!


You can connect with Devon on Facebook and Instagram, or through her website: www.devonbreithart.com.

Click here to check out her online program The Dynamic School OT

Travelling may be off the agenda for some of us right now but if you want to have some bits of inspiration from Devon's travels, visit her personal Instagram account @devonbreithart.


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