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The focus of today’s episode is on ways of improving your performance in your business. 

And we’re going to do that by tapping into the power of CYCLES. More specifically, I’m going to be sharing about how I’m working to sync my business with a 28-day work cycle. 

During this episode, some of the things I talk about include: 

  • Why cycles are an important piece of the puzzle when looking at performance
  • The four distinct phases that women cycle through each month
  • Being uncomfortable with tracking menstruation
  • My experience with a wellness program for female CEOs that focuses on optimizing performance and brain health 
  • The strengths and business opportunities that come with each phase of our cycle
  • Concrete examples of things I'm doing in my business during each phase

And more! 

If you would like to know more about tracking and working with your menstrual cycle as a woman in business, here are some great resources and links to check out:

Kate Northrup's Book "Do Less: A Revolutionary Approach to Time and Energy for Ambitious Women"

OTGR Episode 004: Feminine Wisdom Through an Occupational Lens with Janelle Gullan

OTs Gone Menstrual with Janelle Gullan
This is a free Facebook group for occupational therapists who are using menstrual cycles in their personal and professional lives to create rhythm, meaning and connection to self.

And if you would like to join the conversation, tag us on IG @otsgonerogue.

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