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Today's episode is pure awesomeness. I am joined by Trish Williams, who is my friend, one of my business buddies, my coaching colleague and a former VIP coaching client. She’s also the co-host of the OT entrepreneur summit and host of the OTs Get Paid podcast.

Trish has been an occupational therapist for over 20 years. Prior to starting in private practice, she worked in paediatrics and inpatient/outpatient neurology. She’s also a speaker and presenter in the area of OT and sensory processing. You'll hear more about her journey of stepping away from her pediatric practice and going all-in on her venture as a business coach for OTs who want to move from hustle to scale. 

In this episode, we talk about:

  • The unique challenges Trish faced when she transitioned from in-person therapy services to an online business model
  • Ways of showing up during the pandemic and embracing the “inner CEO”
  • What made her decide to close the doors to her pediatric clinic space 
  • Overcoming the feeling of being a failure and seeing it more as a "shift"
  • Dealing with leadership challenges and managing a team
  • The changes in work habits and productivity levels when seasons change
  • Trish's non-negotiables when it comes to working now that she's self-employed
  • Her most creative time comes from not working at all
  • Trish’s journey as a podcaster thus far, including the highs and lows
  • How she’s using a VIP coaching offer in her ascension model

And more!


You can connect with Trish through her Facebook Group and on Instagram

Listen to Trish's podcast: OTs Get Paid Podcast

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