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This is a special episode in that we’re doing another coaching call with a member of the OTGR Community. Today, I’m joined by my guest Jane Erbe, an OT with 30 years’ experience as a pediatric OT and six years’ experience in private practice as owner of S.M.A.R.T. Pediatrics in Connecticut, USA. 

During our coaching call, we’re doing a deeper dive into sales and marketing as it relates to a high ticket offer in the OT business coaching world. More specifically, you’ll hear us talking about the VIP day that Jane created where she spends a full day with other pediatric practice owners, helping them to create their own personalized marketing plan with a focus on preschool partnerships. 

Some of the things we talk about in this episode: 

  • What helped Jane to finally decide to open up her own business, S.M.A.R.T Pediatrics after being an OT for over 30 years
  • Jane's unique setup with another OT business owner where they share the same sensory space and the same contractors (a great example of an abundance mindset!)
  • The VIP day that Jane has created for other OT pediatric practice owners
  • What exactly IS a launch and why do we make it bigger in our heads?
  • Jane's ideas for promoting her VIP Day through social media
  • Knowing what to do before a launch by going through three phases of a "launch runway" 
  • Ideas for introducing a discounted offer
  • The benefit of having potential clients complete an intake form before jumping on a discovery call
  • Concrete suggestions on how to improve Jane's sales page 
  • Figuring out how to move forward after a client books your offer
  • The importance of payment options and payment plans for clients 
  • Why outsourcing isn't really the easy way out
  • Setting up a policy on refunds

And more!


You can connect with Jane through her websiteInstagram and Facebook

If you're interested in learning more about Jane's upcoming VIP Day:


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