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Meet Jaime Spencer, a school-aged occupational therapist, advocate, author, AOTA approved educator, blogger, YouTuber, and founder of missjaimeot.com

Jaime has been a Long Island pediatric OT for twenty years. She currently works in a public school in Nassau County with students from Kindergarten to 12th grade. She also has ten years of experience working in a sensory gym part-time with preschool-age children. 

She co-authored The Handwriting Book, The Scissors Skills book and The Toilet Training Book and wrote her own book, FUNctional Visual Perception workbook for kids and Teaching Handwriting in Groups.

During today's episode, we talk about:

  • The importance of time management and task delegation as it relates to getting into a state of flow
  • Jaime's support team and the significance of building trust in a working relationship
  • How the book, "E-Myth" helped Jaime become a better CEO
  • Entrepreneurship as a continuous learning process
  • The story behind how Jaime started writing blogs
  • Jaime's ascension model and an overview of her free and paid resources
  • The barriers Jaime ran into on her quest to become a school administrator
  • How Jaime uses her voice and social media presence to educate the public and advocate for change in schools
  • The revenue generating activities that Jaime does to support all her advocacy efforts
  • The importance of work life balance for mental health, emotional health and your relationships 
  • Jaime's 10 year goal and vision for the future

And more! 


You can connect with Jaime through her websiteFacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedin and Pinterest

To join her free webinars, check out her Facebook group: Miss Jaime, O.T.'s Free Webinars!

If you're interested in supporting her advocacy, you may join: USA School-Based OT's Looking for Change

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