IT'S TIME! As promised, we're officially bringing back our monthly OT spotlight, where we're featuring an amazing OT from our Rogue Community! 

Let's kick things off with Courtney Lindblom, an Occupational Therapist in the US that started her career in a skilled nursing facility and recently made the transition over to in-patient rehab.

She’s also working on mastering the art of social media, sharing her relatable day-to-day struggles, triumphs, and tips with her tens of thousands of followers across multiple platforms. My conversation with Courtney left me smiling from ear to ear and I can’t wait to share it with you!


  • The delicate balance between sharing and oversharing.
  • How to avoid a vulnerability hangover.
  • Why the idea of social media as a “highlight reel” is outdated.
  • The secret to showing up authentically as you are!

Check out Courtney on Instagram  @Courtney_The_OT

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