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Do you really know what your body is trying to tell you? In the unofficial part 2 of my journey synching my business with my cycle, I’m going straight to the source and speaking with the functional nutritionist who first gave me the idea.

Laurie Villarreal, an endurance athlete, and coach turned functional nutritionist, gives entrepreneurial women the tools and support they need to level up their health to play bigger in their lives and work. Her practical application of wisdom across a variety of healing modalities goes beyond the everyday advice and guides women to master their energy, mind, and mood, and take back control of their health and hormones. Extraordinary physical feats and leading a community of hundreds of athletes was Laurie's world until her health turned upside down because of lifestyle-related hormone issues.

Our conversation covers every step of our wellness journeys, so whether you’ve been in tune with your hormones for years, or you’re getting curious about what your body could be trying to tell you - you won’t want to miss this!


  • Why hormones are the secret catalyst for your performance in business.
  • How I started my own wellness journey with Laurie’s guidance.
  • What professional athletes and entrepreneurs have in common.
  • The secret to being so in tune with your body you know what’s wrong before you feel it.

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And while you’ve got your phone out, don’t forget to connect with Laurie on Instagram @laurievillarrealwellness and at https://www.laurievillarreal.com/

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