Today's episode is particularly exciting because we’re getting back into the groove with spotlighting other amazing OTs who are on this journey of going rogue. And we're kicking things off with none other than Sarah Lyon. 

In 2011, Sarah launched OT potential because she realized the incredible need for a reliable source of quality occupational therapy-related content and resources. 

As you’re going to hear in this interview, Sarah is on a mission. Through her OT Potential platform, she now has a blog, a podcast and a membership-based journal club -- all geared towards helping OT practitioners from around the globe to make a habit of regularly exploring new OT-related research. 

Later this month, she’s also launching an OT directory, which we talk more about and let me tell you, I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to get my name on an OT directory before! 

Tune into the full episode and you’ll hear us talk about: 

  • How she navigates work-life balance when working from home AND partnering with her husband 
  • Her decision to be a generalist and intentionally NOT niche down
  • The importance of having a platform that shines a spotlight on other OTs
  • How she manages the pressure of having so many eyes on her work
  • Her long term vision for OT potential

You can check out Sarah's work by going to https://otpotential.com/.

If you have any feedback, thoughts or questions or if you resonate with anything we shared in today's episode, you can find me on Instagram at  @otsgonerogue, through our Facebook page @otsgonerogue or by going to our contact form, https://www.otsgonerogue.com/podcast-contact

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