Have you ever been in a situation where a colleague shares one of their wins -- and while you want to feel happy for them, you instead there's a part of you that cringes on the inside? Or maybe you've had a peer share their successes and instead of feeling inspired, their announcement made you feel bad, like you weren't enough.

My friend, you are not alone. Which is why on today's episode, we're doing a deep dive into this idea of comparing ourselves to others, especially in the OT space.
In this episode you’re going to hear me talk about: 

  • How comparing ourselves to others can sometimes lead to inspired action -- but it can also stop us in our tracks
  • Common scenarios where comparisonitis may rear it's ugly head
  • Tricks + tools to help you stop comparing yourself to others
  • How we all have our own unique contributions to make in the world

I hope you resonate with parts of this episode and that you're excited for all the great things to come, whether that's our individual achievements or our collective accomplishments as a profession! 

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