Today’s episode is an important one because we’re kicking off a series of tough conversations where I’m pulling back the curtain on some of the things I’ve been learning on this journey into the dark side of the online business world.

My goal with these types of episodes is two-fold: 

  1. I want to lead by example in being a service-based online business owner that’s practicing with integrity, helping more OT entrepreneurs to follow suit.
  2. I want to help more OTs who are navigating the online space to use their critical thinking when signing up for programs, products and services

Leading to the focus of today's episode, ascension models. 


  • What exactly is an ascension model and how it's commonly referenced as THE way of positioning your various offers 
  • Why it's important to think critically about the business advice you're going to follow
  • The challenge with low ticket offers being resource intensive
  • How to reconnect to your reason for helping people as a business owner

As always, I'm happy to continue the conversation via DM or email! If you have any feedback or thoughts that you want to share with me, take a quick screenshot and share with me on IG, tag me @otsgonerogue.com. You can also connect with me through our Facebook page  @otsgonerogue or by going to our contact form, https://www.otsgonerogue.com/podcast-contact

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