Today we’re rolling out another Rogue Spotlight Interview where we’re featuring an OT who’s thinking outside the box and doing things differently in terms of how they’re using their education and experience to serve their audience.

Clarice Grote is an occupational therapist, medicare specialist and health policy consultant based in the United States. She’s also the Founder and CEO of Amplify OT, a company dedicated to educating and encouraging occupational therapy practitioners and students to engage with Medicare policy and advocacy.

Now if you’re thinking this episode doesn’t apply to you because you’re not working with medicare or you’re not American, think again.

During my interview with Clarice, we’re talking more about her journey as an entrepreneur, her experience with pivoting from an online course to a membership model and the work she’s doing behind the scenes on building out a stronger infrastructure for her business so that it’s more profitable AND sustainable.

If you have any feedback or thoughts that you want to share with me OR with Clarice, take a quick screenshot and share with us on IG, tag us @otsgonerogue.com and @amplify_ot.

To access Clarice's OT Reimbursement Podcast Playlist and Guide, go to:  amplifyot.com/playlist 

To find out more about her membership, go to: amplifyot.com/membership

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